All about the Exciting Water Sports in Thailand

Thailand is doubtlessly a perfect tourist destination for any tourist to chill out. It has a lot of exciting water sports for tourists to indulge in. In this article, we are going to focus on the exciting water sports that are available for tourists in Thailand.

Scuba Diving

            Scuba diving is a popular water sport in Thailand. It is one of the most adventure activities in Pattaya, and the nation is a refuge for divers. You can take advantage of your dive with whale sharks, leopard sharks, and manta rays. In fact, you can simply dive into the crystal clear waters, swim among kilometers of reefs, and become a part of the vibrant underwater world.


            If you want to be dazzled by the magnificent colorful underwater life that surrounds you, Thailand has one of the greatest snorkeling in the world. The crystal clear water, beautifully shaped corals, and a diverse array of fish species might be so alluring that you would not want to come up for air. Both the east and west beaches of Thailand are ideal for snorkeling.

Jet skiing

            Sometimes. jet skiing is all you need for a great adventure. To jet-ski, you do not need to know how to swim; all you need to know is how to ride a bike. Jet skiing across the big water is amazing for single explorers. It is one of Pattaya’s most well-known water sports, with Pattaya being Thailand’s greatest water sports destination.


            This is one of those water sports in Thailand that will pique your interest as an adventurer. Consider yourself at the helm of this magnificent vessel, going out to sea and discovering the ocean as you go. Thailand has a plethora of such options. You can consider a sailing course or a day outing. It is also a fantastic experience for novices who want to master the fundamentals of sailing. And, once again, the ability to swim is not a must.


            Thailand is Asia’s most popular location for windsurfing, and Patong Beach offers some of the greatest water activities. The weather is nearly ideal—wind, waves, and beautiful scenery. Even if you do not know how to windsurf, do not worry; you will be up and running on the board in no time.

Kite surfing

            Kite surfing is a good option for those who seek extreme sports. This has made its way to Thailand from the west and is quickly becoming a popular water sport. The controlled kite zips you around on the waves, one step ahead of wakeboarding. If you want to learn it, any of the several kite surfing schools here can teach you in as little as three days.

Adam Jones from Kelowna, BC, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Water skiing

            You can hold on to the rope behind the speedboat and go water skiing all you want. One of Phuket’s top adventure sports, you can experience it in the sea or at one of Thailand’s water-ski parks, depending on your preference. The boats and equipment are all waiting for you.


            Kayaking is one of the most exciting ways to see Thailand’s natural beauty in all of its glory while also taking part in one of the top adventure sports in Thailand. This water sport is suitable for both the young and the aged. You can either hire a guide or paddle your own kayak. You can now enjoy the diversified terrain, green rainforests, limestone cliffs, magnificent lagoons, fascinating sea caves, and mangrove swamps in addition to the sea. There are several kayak operators to select from.

Banana boating

            Not everyone wants to participate in extreme activities all of the time. Banana boats are for those who want to have a little fun and frolic in Thailand’s waterways. Banana boating is one of the most popular water sports in Phuket. It is an excellent choice for families looking to have some fun in the water together.

Candra Aditya Wiguna, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


            Parasailing is a water counterpart of paragliding and is a must-try for all adventure seekers. As you scud through the sky, plunging into the water and twisting up in the air alternately, take in the breathtaking vistas. So this, one of Thailand’s most popular water activities, causes the heart to beat and the body to heat up. The nicest part about participating in this activity in Pattaya is that it is completely free.

Ввласенко, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

White water rafting

            If you choose to indulge yourself in white water rafting, you can ride the rapids through spectacular waterfalls and towering canyons through the rainforests on rubber rafts. Rafting is unquestionably one of the top water activities in Thailand, offering an adventure unlike any other.


            This article highlighted the top water sports that tourists can engage in. No doubt, they are surely pretty exciting. You can be part of this excitement too. So enjoy Thailand and be safe!