Rice Noodles Soup with Pork


IngredientsOriginal RecipeLow Sodium (Salt)
Rice noodles small size50 g50 g
Mungbean sprout2 tablespoons (30g)2 tablespoons (30g)
Soy bean oil (Vegetable oil)1 tablespoon (15g)1/3 tablespoon (5g)
Garlic2 teaspoons (10g)2 teaspoons (10g)
Coriander1/2 stem1/2 stem
Onion spring1/2 stem1/2 stem
Sugar1/3 teaspoon (1.5g)
Fish sauce2 teaspoons (10g)1 teaspoon (5g)
Soy bean sauce1/4 teaspoon (1.25g)
Chili pepper1 chili1 chili
Pork4 teaspoons (20g)4 teaspoons (20g)
Pork liver2 teaspoons (10g)2 teaspoons (10g)
Pork meat ball4 teaspoons (20g)4 teaspoons (20g)
Chinese white cabbage2 pieces (20g)2 pieces (20g)
Corn3 tablespoons (50g)
Onion4 teaspoons (20g)
Dried shiitake mushroom4 teaspoons (20g)
Oyster mushroom4 teaspoons (20g)
Straw mushroom2 tablespoons (40g)
Indian oyster mushroom2 tablespoons (40g)
Pepper1/4 teaspoon (1g)1/2 teaspoon (2g)
Coriander root1/2 teaspoon (2g)1 teaspoon (4g)


  1. Chop all mushrooms and coriander root together.
  2. To make the soup stock, add chopped mushrooms, pepper, Chinese white cabbage and 500 cc. of water in a pot then boil with the medium heat for around 20 minutes. Then filter the soup off and throw away the remnants.
  3. Stir fry garlic with oil, wait until the garlic turn to light brown color and put it in the dish.
  4. Boil water then put the rice noodles and mungbean sprout in the boiled water, wait until the rice noodles become soft after that put it in the dish.
  5. Add pork, pork liver, pork meat balls into soup pot and boil until all are done. Then put into the rice noodles, add soup and topping with green onion and coriander.


In low sodium (salt) recipe, adding dried shiitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, straw mushroom and Indian oyster mushroom as well as adding cabbage, corn and onion makes a soup have sweet taste

Nutritional information

(Salt) (mg)
Low Sodium (Salt)38956219865
% ReductionMore 7%More 65%More 50%5332


Titima Patipimpakhorn, Healthy menu low salt…low fat, Thai MOPH and U.S. CDC